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mTooth plays music written in the text format needed by bards in the Clan Lord game. It can also transcribe MIDI 0 files to that format, and it can partially convert MIDI 1 files. mTooth is particularly useful with a program that can export to MIDI, such as the shareware Melody Assistant from Myriad Software.

mTooth is karmaware, by Baraboo. It runs in OS X only. Starting with version 1.2, it's a Universal Binary that will run natively on either PPC or Intel Macs.

Key Features:

Download the latest version of mTooth (1.2.1, 10 Feb 2008 -- now a universal binary)

Read the mTooth User's Guide (also found in the mTooth Help menu)

Read 'Boo's Clan Lord music notation guide

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