Cherry Exterior

September 21, 2004

I had some lovely 1/4" book-matched cherry panels lying around, so I decided to use them for the exterior of the refrigerator. I made a box, open on the back and bottom, and with mitre joints on all the corners. My plan is to cut out the sides, adhere them to the cooling chamber using more foam, install the knob and LCD in the top, and insulate that too. I haven't entirely figured out how I'm going to get the hinge working yet... but how hard could it be, really? ;-)

[CherryExt] [CherryInt]

I decided that the LCD looked really crappy just peeking through the hole I cut in the front of the door, so I made some trim to cover the edges of the cutout and the margin around the LCD. Unfortunately, I glued it together not-quite-square, so it looks a little crooked on the final product. The way the grain spirals around the trim accentuates this. I'm not terribly pleased about this, but I want to finish the fridge *and* start my next project before my vacation is over, so I wasn't very enthusiastic about re-making the trim... especially since deciding that I won't be able to use it as originally intended. Here's a picture of the trim pieces - you can see them asssembled in the picture of the finished refrigerator.


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