Desktop Refrigerator

I designed this little refrigerator so that I could keep milk in my office at work, and avoid having to make a second trip to the break room to add some to my tea when it was finished steeping. The vision behind this is that it should appeal to my gizmo-lust, while also appearing classy. Think of it as a sort of geek executive office appliance. It should have a fancy hardwood exterior, with an LCD readout displaying the temperature! You should be able to adjust the set point with a little knob, and watch all the numbers change as the fridge tried to maintain the target temperature! If I'd been able to devise a way to have glowing blue fog roll out when the door opened, I'd have done it.

Here is the story of the development of my fridge:
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Insulating the cooling chamber

The Motherboard

Turning the Knob

Cherry Exterior

The Aluminum Handle

The Final Stages

The Finished Fridge

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