Gold Pendant

December, 2005 I made this gold pendant as a gift for my mother. She's been studying at an interfaith seminary (to hopefully become an ordained minister in 2006), and wanted a pendant with a design like this. Knowing that she shares my own philosophy regarding handmade things, I decided to make her one. It's made from 14k solid gold wire, soldered together with 14k as well, and then sanded flat on the sides. The finished pendant is about the size of a quarter. The mounting ring at the top was actually quite interesting to make. Gold is expensive (obviously), so all I had was a bit of wire left over from making the pendant. I cut a very short section of it (just a "slice" off the end of the wire), but it wasn't large enough in diameter to make a good ring. So before drilling the center hole, I repeatedly annealed the tiny wire disc with a torch, and hammered it on my watchmaker's staking tool. The diameter grew very slightly with each repitition, until it was about 1.5x the diameter of the wire. Then finally, I carefully drilled the center hole.

The pendant has a couple of obvious flaws, unfortunately -- The crossbar is clearly not even (it moved slightly as I was soldering it), and the bottom joint is actually completely unsoldered (the metal was oxidized by the time I got to that joint). But, I think it came out nicely enough, and mom was certainly appreciative. Its flaws, I think, reflect our own imperfect understanding of spirituality, and I suggested that they serve as a reminder to seek out the truth for one's self, and try to see things as they are rather than as we might wish them to be. Not everyone who claims to understand the ways of the universe is actually correct (or in some cases even honest).


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